About me

Alejandro Gomez is a software engineer, value investor and writer dedicated to the pursuit of virtue and excellence. Born in Cali, nested in between the Andean mountains of Colombia, Alejandro emigrated to the United States as a young teen. After attending the University of Miami, he took his cafecito-making* skills to Philadelphia, where he currently works.


Alejandro’s work focuses on creating great web experiences through well-engineered systems that scale. His writing however, is more expansive. From current events to old ideas, his essays touch on the variety of human experience, drawn towards the light of truth and love which we all desire.

When he’s not working, he can be found reading, playing piano or salsa dancing while reminiscing on the hot Miami nights that the Philly weather is unable to muster.

*Cafecito is a traditional cuban coffee-making method that involves compressing as much espresso and sugar as you can into the smallest possible portion size. The results are as you’d expect.