Lunar Man

Update: Hello dear readers. I apologize for not adding more content in recent months. Life’s taken a turn for me, thankfully for the better, but the rocking of my boat means I haven’t been able to post more on this blog as I’d like. But no fear – I have lots of ideas written down which I’d like to share in due course. They range from space travel to morality, to epic poems and potential new ventures.

I’d like to share a poem I just wrote that attempts to capture the character of what I believe could be the leaders who will take us to our Earth’s little sister, the Moon, and beyond. There was a lot of thinking behind it and I might even come up with another article just to explain what’s behind the smoky allusions and double-entendres.

I liberally took inspiration from Native Indian and Aztec dances. I also had some inspiration from the screenplay for a TV show, Moonwalk One. Finally, the thoughts came to my mind about the public character of the leaders we see such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos – people with immense power and wealth who dedicate their lives to creating incredible products and services, though perhaps at the cost of their own selves. Enjoy!

Behold the man from the moon!
See how he comes, conquering,
Averting earth’s nearing doom
Through cosmic tech conjuring
Machines and ships for the stellar road.

His Argent garb shines, dazzles,
The clinkering chains resound,
Hands are golden, smile is sly,
Surrounded by jewels, yet frowns
Behind a helmet with Draconian design.

Computers twinkle like a firefly,
His machines roar like a hurricane,
Like lightning they illuminate the sky.
Riches pile up beyond any reign.
They’re piloted by Apollos & Artemises.

His hands reach to the unknown,
Mars and Ceres they take hold,
And Jupiter he controls.
For him life’s only a fool’s gold.
He saves the world. But can’t save himself.

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