Hamilton’s Quill

In Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton recounts her husbands work ethic as follow: he wakes up early morning before sunrise, takes a strong drink (understood here to be coffee), and works on his letters and manuscripts until 3 in the afternoon, whereupon he would eat, spend time with his family, read and go to sleep again. This wouldn’t happen everyday of course, but the essential fact is that Hamilton had a-near obsessive predisposition for work. It’s important to note there was no social media or internet to distract him, only his paper and quill were in front of him. Work became the means to entertain his mind. In other places throughout his biography we also see his superhuman work ethic in action. He once delivered a 30,000 word report on the commercial and financial state of the United States to congress in a mere month or two (It was a Herculean feat that Democratic-Republicans didn’t think he could accomplish). I believe that a singularly focused mind dedicated wholeheartedly to a task can achieve great things in this world. I also believe it would attain some special recognition, as the world has become connected and exceedingly distracted by the myriad of communicative opportunities.

In work, we can find meaning. If we can toil away our bodies and minds for the purpose of achieving a higher end, we are becoming fuller in our Christian identity. The ultimate toil of course, being that of achieving heaven -no greater reward compares to this, and there is no greater work required than the sacrifice of oneself for this purpose.

Let us work then, in dedication, focus, and earnest confidence that what we do can serve a higher purpose.

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